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The reclaimed wood we use in our furniture and cabinetry comes to us from a variety of
sources--barnboard from the dry Western States where the sun and wind work to create unique colors and textures, old floor joists hidden for a century beneath an early Seattle building which might be brought back as a tabletop, or even timbers from an abandoned gold mine in Eastern Washington. Thick redwood staves of an ancient water tank were used to create the pews for a new church here on Orcas Island.

We have developed many sources for beautiful antique lumber and are often called by our suppliers to tell us when they have an unusual find. A large supply of this wood is kept on hand for our own furniture and for sales to contractors for wide plank flooring and millwork. Recently we sold a quantity of barnboard chosen for its weathered red paint, to be used as wall paneling in its natural state.

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